Club Reports

24 November 2013

 At the Bushido national Judo competition, held at High Wycombe Judo centre, our local clubs were represented by three competitors: Mark Mason, Dean Harmson and Sean Ellis. Mark Mason managed to win two medals: gold in his weight catergory and silver in the dan grade open catergory in which he won 4 of his 5 contests. Dean Harmston, in only his second national competition managed to win the bronze medal in his weight catergory defeating dan grades in the process, Sean Ellis had the hardest group to contest as he was the only kyu grade entrant in a large field, he performed admirably winning one of his three contests.
 November 2013
Skegness and Winthorpe Judo clubs attended the Bushido Zazen area grading on Sunday 10th November, which was held at Skegness Grammar School. All attendees showed the level of skill and commitment that had been worked on with some great techniques demonstrated in most contests. Full results with new gradings are:
Juveniles: Carter Manson - red 2 white, Juniors: Rhiannon Manson and Kieran Cunningham - white 2 yellow, Benjamin Owen and Abby Angrave - yellow, Jordan Dance - yellow 2 orange, Brook Salter - yellow 3 orange, Ethan steele and Lewis Grace - orange 1 green, Casey woods - orange 3 green, Cameron Sloane - green, Katie Marsden - green 1 blue, Warren Grace - green 2 blue, Samantha Lowis - green 3 blue, Luke Speed - blue 3 Brown, Sean Faggetter unfortunately did not grade but remains at brown 1 black, this was not helped by his arriving late after getting the venue mixed up. Senior gradings: David Houghton - orange and Shaun Ellis - brown
 Judoka of the Month: Brook Salter
 October 2013
   Judoka of the Month: Jordan Dance .
Recently the club along with Skegness Judo club attended the Bushido Junior National competition, held in High Wycombe Judo Centre. The clubs entered four competitors in different weight classes and returned with three medals, a brilliant result for both clubs. Full results were: Ethan Steele won three of his four contests to take silver, Samantha Lowis also won three of her four fights to also win silver, Sean Faggetter won two of
five contests to take the bronze medal, Cameron Sloane was our fourth entrant in the largest entry group and performed admirably in all his contests but was unable to return with a medal.
 Special mention should also go to Ethan Steele who returned to High Wycombe for the Southern area BJA competition, representing Horncastle Judo Club and returned with the gold medal not losing a fight all day.
 September 2013
 On Sunday members of Skegness and Winthorpe Judo clubs attended a team competition held at Gainsborough Leisure Centre and performed extremely well. Gold medallists on the day were: Samantha Lowis, Kizzy Marsden and Sean Faggetter, Silver was awarded to Katie Marsden, 3rd place Bronze medalswere: Cameron Sloane, Brook Salter and Melissa Garrad, 4th place Bronze medals were won by Luke Garrad and Dean Harmston. Although only finishing in the third placed team Cameron Sloane had an outstanding individual perfomance winning every one of his contests.
Judoka of the Month: Melissa Garrad.
July 2013
Judoka of the Month: Rio Manson
June 2013
On Sunday members of Skegness and Winthorpe Judo clubs travelled to Warsop for a weight competition, of the 5 entrants all recieved medals for their efforts. Full results are: Juniors, Samantha Lowis claimed silver after 7 keenly fought contests; Brook Salter, who showed some fine ankle techniques, also took silver; Sean Faggetter took the bronze medal in his weight category; in the Senior contests Dean Harmston took the bronze in both the 100kg class and the open competition whilst Mark Mason took gold medals in both the open competition and the high grades competition, winning all of his contests.
Judoka of the month: Luke Garrad

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