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  On Sunday members of Skegness and Seathorne Judo clubs attended a team competition at Gainsborough Leisure Centre, the teams were selected on the day and were made up of 8 members each, ranging in age from 5 years to Seniors, each team member fighting a suitable opponent from each of the other teams. Our local judoka performed admirably with 2 contestants being unbeaten in all 5 of their bouts Will Midgeley and Ethan Steele whose team won the gold medal, also in the gold medal team was Ben Delieu who, in his first ever competition, won 4 of his 5 contests, only losing to Katie Marsden, a very experienced competitor, who also won 4 of her 5 fights and was in the team winning the silver medal. Dean Harmston’s team took the bronze medal despite Dean winning 4 of his 5 fights, finally John Midgeley won 1 of his 5 fights.

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